Brain Health

November 3, 2019

Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

Several claims have been made about how to become smarter, more intelligent or healthier. But, many of these claims have no scientific basis, and most have them do not have any empirical evidence to support them. In light of this, leading online prescription pharmacy have given you ten ways to improve your overall brain, mental and welbeing health

1. Stimulate your brain – Several kinds of research later, scientists have found that brain activities stimulate brain cells and help generate new ones. This develops neurological plasticity and builds up a functional reserve that provides for future cell losses. Any activity that stimulates the brain enables you to make your brain stronger. Some ways you can do this are by reading, solving puzzles or math problems.

2. Physical exercise – Research suggests that physical exercise is beneficial to your brain. Exercise increases your heartbeat, which results in an increased flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. This enhances the functions of the brain. It also strengthens and improves the connection between the brain cells (synaptic gaps). This makes the brain more efficient and adaptive, which ultimately results in better performance.


3. Improve your diet – A nutrition-filled, healthy and balanced diet can be extremely beneficial for the body as well as your brain. For instance, people who have a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, unsaturated fats etc. are less likely to develop cognitive impairments.

4. Improve your blood pressure – High blood pressure among adults increases the risk of decline in cognitive functions during old age. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain a lifestyle that keeps your blood pressure levels maintained.

5. Improving blood sugar levels – Diabetes is a significant risk factor and cause for dementia. And, as well all know, diabetes is a lifestyle disorder; it is essential to eat right and exercise regularly.

6. Improve your cholesterol levels – High levels of cholesterol can be associated with increased risk of dementia. Hence, diet, lifestyle, weight control and exercise can go a long way in improving your cholesterol levels.

7. Limit your alcohol consumption – Excessive drinking can pose a significant threat when it comes to neurodevelopmental functions in kids as well as neurological functions in adults. For a healthier brain and higher cognitive functionality, limit your alcohol consumption.

8. Stay positive – People who are anxious, sleep-deprived, depressed or exhausted often do poorly when it comes to cognitive functions. Poor cognitive functions do not necessarily mean an unhealthy brain, but it is advisable to maintain good mental health and experience positive emotions.


Brain Health